I need help with an essay Hello, so all the instructions are on the Word document attached. I only need Case 2 to be worked on in regards to the assignment. EEO Case #2 The Texas Department of Public Safety requires uniformed troopers to cover their tattoos and branding with long-sleeved shirts or skin-toned patches while they are on duty.  The Austin Police Department allows tattoos except on an officer’s face and head and additionally requires that offensive tattoos be covered by the officer’s uniform or patches.  Additionally, a federal court ruled that the Fort Worth Police Department could require a heavily tattooed officer to cover his body while on duty. In Hillsborough County, FL, the policy for the Sheriff’s Office’s states that patrol deputies, detention deputies, and community service officers cannot get new tattoos that would be visible when they wear their uniforms.  Those that already have tattoos must…    read more