Communications Question

Communications Question

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  • Since your plan is due at the end of this week, it’s time to move into formal writing. In Chapter 8 of Business Writing Today, a strategy is given for writing successful letters that has elements important for polishing your plan. Discuss three of the strategies below and how you are implementing them in your plan:
    • Make what’s in it for the reader loud and clear.
    • Write in a tone appropriate for your audience.
    • Engage the reader quickly and maintain focus.
    • Present enough evidence.
    • End with an appropriate call to action.
  • Also use this discussion to get help from your classmates and professor on parts of your plan that are troubling you.
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.with 150words

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Tone denotes the reaction and feeling associated with the content a person presents portrayed via the intonation of the language used. It not only captures what a writer wishes to pass across but also how the message was said (Henry et al., 2012). Using an appropriate tone is very important, considering it informs the audience of the writer’s attitude towards their audience and the subject matter they are sharing with the audience (Henry et al., 2012). My plan will predominantly be presented using a formal and persuasive tone. Doing this is vital since it allows me to relate better to my audience’s needs, interests, and emotions. Once this happens, the audience will feel a more robust engagement with the information I will be sharing, which then creates a better connection between them and me.