Human resource activities


Provide an example of a time when you were either the manager or a subordinate and there was a lack of planning that affected a human resources-related effort you were part of. Share one issue that occurred, and identify what you, as a manager (or subordinate), did to recover and move on from this incident.

No formatting necessary, just provide a paragraph.
Hello, this is just a discussion post and there is not any formatting necessary. Just one paragraph typed into this response box that answers the questions will suffice.

Human and intellectual resources


Please submit your Weekly Progress Report for Week 6.

Weekly Progress Form Sample

Weekly Progress Form

Prof feedback on week 5

Hi Isha, 1) Can we consider all dissertations and theses available from ProQuest Dissertations &Theses Global scholarly articles for the literature review? As Dr. Campanicki explained, you may read dissertations and theses, but these are typically not included within the references in your Literature Review. You cannot quote the author of a dissertation or thesis. However, you can use these documents to give you ideas for writing your own thesis. Additionally, you can look through the references they used and if pertinent, include them within your paper.

2) Are there limits in the use of academic sources to give evidence for research? No, there are no limits. However, you need to strike a balance of different sources used in developing your paper. You should have a diversity of sources with which to draw upon for developing information in your paper

Task environment analysis


How would the task environment of a new internet-based company compare to that of a large government agency?

What are some ways in which the international sector affects organizations in your city or community?

Do you think planning becomes more important or less important in a world where everything is changing fast? Why or why not?

just need to write short answer of three question maybe one each reference

Acoustic and chemical cues


Sunyer et al. (2013), Hughes et al. (2014) – Questions for Discussion 10/9/20

1) What categories did Sunyer et al. (2013) use to classify “acorn use” and “mice behavior”? Broadly, what were the tools Sunyer et al. used to track these uses and behaviors? (2 pts)

2) What was the role that scent played in influencing mice behavior (i.e. the 4 behavior categories)? How did Sunyer et al. (2013) determine this? (2 pts)

3) How would the role of genets change if live genets were used instead of their scent? What might happen to the population size of mice and their seed predation patterns? (2 pts)

4) In Sunyer et al. (2013), compare and contrast the observed effects of conspecific and predator scents on mice acorn predation and dispersal. (2pts)

5) In the Hughes et al. (2014) paper, what was the observed difference between acoustic and chemical cues? What environmental conditions might affect the chemical cues? (2 pts)

6) In Hughes et al. (2014), what explanation do the authors give for the black drum and catfish acoustic cues

Community’s health care


For this scholarly paper, you will complete a community needs assessment of your zip code/ neighborhood. Utilizing the community assessment components (People, Place/Environment, and Social Systems), address the guidelines listed below: Describe the Community 1. People (demographic data and biological, social, and cultural factors) 2. Place/Environment (physical and environmental factors) 3. Social Systems (health systems, economic factors, resources, and services) Research and Analysis of the Community  Conduct a windshield survey of your neighborhood.  Analyze the data on your community (the windshield survey information along with any data and statistics you found).  Identify your community’s needs and strengths.  Identify a community health program/resource that your community could utilize to alleviate the needs you’ve indicated.  Summarize how this/res community health programource /res helps meet the Healthy People 2030 initiatives.  Reflect on what you learned from the assignment and how it will impact your practice in the future. Requirements:  Your paper must be APA format and at least 750 words not to exceed 1000 words.  Double space your paper and use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins. 

Business organizations


In a well-organized, 500-word essay, compare, contrast, and describe the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and corporate forms of business organization. Include the pros and cons of each form of business.

APA 7th Ed

California Psychological Inventory


“Psychological Testing Using the ___________” (the instrument you select)

NOTICE***(Due Sunday by midnight at the end of week 3)

This month you are to write a 1200-word research paper on psychological testing using one of the following instruments: California Psychological Inventory, 16 Personality Factors or the MMPI.
This paper is worth 15% of your grade.
Please use the APA format and cite at least four (4) sources. Take time to review the APA video posted in the Getting Started area of the course.

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

You will select one of the above testing instruments:


and research and discuss the following aspects of the test:

Development and Description

What does it measure

Strategic management


Understand the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management. (Lo 1.2)
Understand the Corporation Social Responsibility (Lo 1.4).
Explain how executive leadership is an important part of strategic management (Lo 3.4)


ü Question 1:  How does strategic management typically evolve in a corporation? 

ü Question 2: Discuss the influence of globalization, social responsibility and environmental sustainability on strategic management of a corporation.

ü Question 3: In what ways can a corporation’s structure and culture be internal strengths or weaknesses? Justify your answer by examples from real market. 

Mail-in voting system


Compose a 1000- to 1200-word news article on a topic that is relevant to your local community.
Must be a multi-draft composition: it should be brainstormed, planned, drafted, redrafted, revised, and edited, and should appear in its final draft form as a fully realized, carefully crafted, and meticulously revised and edited composition.

Must write for your community or your campus, so you must choose a local story or a broader story with a local focus: this means you can cover a national story but from a local angle.
Must NOT use other news stories as sources for your own story. You must conduct your own interviews and dig up data and facts from primary sources on your own. In other words, you cannot build your news story off the legwork of other journalists, and since you are writing a local story, this should be easier than you think. Interview neighbors, city council members, participants, and so on and turn to government websites (like the Dallas County COVID website, for example), police reports, surveys, and so on.
Must be purely objective; in other words, you cannot express your opinion or judgment in any way. You must purely report the news.

Gender stereotypes


We have all heard about the girl who wants to join the wrestling team and the boy who wants an Easy-Bake Oven. Think about some of your earliest experiences with gender. Consider at school, extracurricular activities, your parents, your friends, etc. Discuss gender roles, stereotypes, myths, and/or controls in society that existed then and you see exist today. Do you feel that males or females have more or less “controls” placed on them by society? Is it fair? Do you believe that boys and girls/men and women should stick to the qualities, interests, etc., that society deems appropriate for their gender?

No more than 300 words.


Prepare an outline for the essay assigned for the Module 2 Case using the Formal Essay Outline.

Note: Module 2 SLP should be completed before the Module 2 Case.

Reflecting on the four gender-related videos for Module 2, write a well-organized and well-supported essay in which you help challenge society’s limiting gender narratives.

A well-organized essay has a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning, or introduction, should include an opening sentence to grab your reader’s attention. Follow the opening sentence with a brief background on the topic or situation. In this case, it would be an explanation of gender roles, stereotypes, myths, and/or controls in society today. The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis states the main point of the essay, which in this case, would be a statement affirming what needs to be done to limit gender narratives in society today.

A well-supported essay includes supporting points, details, and examples. For this essay, you must decide the best way to organize the body of the paper. Will you have a paragraph for each change? Will you divide the body of your paper into three or more paragraphs, one for each point? In any case, each body paragraph must support (explain) your reasoning (rationale) using specific details. Each body paragraph must have a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph.

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