Patient Genetic and Genomics Interview and Education

Please see attached the instructions. You only have to do Part 1. I attached part 2 as a guide so you know what the whole project is about. Please choose a case that has sufficient information available so I can develop part 2 after. I am saying this because I paid for this project and they chose “Dai case” which did not have sufficient information. Please don’t do that one. Let me know if you have any questions. You can let me know before hand which case you will be doing that would be great.


Damages determination:

Contract analysis scenario one—damages determination: Alfred and Barbara own adjoining farms in Dry County, an area where all agriculture requires irrigation. Alfred bought a well-drilling rig and drilled a 400-foot well from which he drew drinking water. Barbara needed no additional irrigation water, but in January 1985, she asked Alfred on what terms he would drill a well near her house to supply better-tasting drinking water than the county water she has been using for years. Alfred said that because he had never before drilled a well for hire, he would charge Barbara only $10 per foot, about one dollar more than his expected cost. Alfred said that he would drill to a maximum depth of 600 feet, which is the deepest his rig could reach. Barbara said, “OK—as long as you can guarantee completion by June 1, we have a deal.” Alfred agreed, and he asked for $3,500 in advance, with any further payment or refund to be made on completion. Barbara said, “OK,” and she paid Alfred $3,500.

Alfred started to drill on May 1. He had reached a depth of 200 feet on May 10 when his drill struck rock and broke, plugging the hole. The accident was unavoidable. It had cost Alfred $12 per foot to drill this 200 feet. Alfred said he would not charge Barbara for drilling the useless hole in the ground, but he would have to start a new well close by and could not promise its completion before July 1.


Marketing communication.

THE CHALLENGE: What are the implications of recent technological changes and developments on communication in crisis situations?

THE AUDIENCE: Marketplace professionals in integrated marketing communication, corporate reputation, and corporate communication. *Prepare your brief with this audience in mind.

THE BRIEF: Select 1 of the 2 articles for this brief. Using the article as your primary text and starting point for answering this question, prepare a business brief that responds to the challenge question.

Business Brief Requirements: A business brief the equivalent of an academic paper but for a business context and audience. For this brief, the format should include a:

Cover page
Executive summary
Headings for key areas
In-text citations
Succinct conclusion (3-5 sentences) focused on key insights
Reference page
Use of current APA Style throughout

A total of five different sources should be cited and referenced in this brief:

the course text
the selected article
2 additional relevant scholarly journal articles published in the last 3 years
1 trade publication and/or marketplace commentary published in the last year (e.g. an article from Fast


, Extra’s president.

Contract analysis scenario two—remedies determination: Mundo manufactures printing presses. Extra, a publisher of a local newspaper, had decided to purchase new presses. Rep, a representative of Mundo, met with Boss, the president of Extra, to describe the advantages of Mundo’s new press. Rep also drew rough plans of the alterations that would be required in Extra’s pressroom to accommodate the new presses, including additional floor space and new electrical installations, and Rep left the plans with Boss.

On December 1, Boss received a letter signed by Seller, a member of Mundo’s sales staff, offering to sell the required number of presses at a cost of $2.4 million. The offer contained provisions relating to the delivery schedule, warranties, and payment terms but did not specify a particular mode of acceptance of the offer. Boss immediately decided to accept the offer and telephoned Seller’s office. Seller was out of town, and Boss left the following message: “Looks good. I’m sold. Call me when you get back so we can discuss details.”


Social networks.

Write a 3/4 to 1 page journal entry (300 to 500 words) in which you:

Discuss two or three (2-3) benefits you or others have experienced with social networks.

Discuss one or two (1-2) dangers you or others have experienced with social networks.
Complete the page requirement.
Write with clarity, following mechanics and formatting requirements.

The specific course learning outcome(s) associated with this assignment are:

Apply critical thinking skills to the analysis of issues involving mass media and society.

Analyze ways in which different types of media content reflect and / or influence society’s attitudes and behaviors.


Structural Family Therapy.

For this Discussion, review the “Petrakis Family” case history and video session (transcript and case study provided below).

Post (using two concepts of Bowen’s family theory) a discussion and analysis of the events that occurred after Alec moved in with his grandmother up until Helen went to the hospital. If you used the concepts of structural family therapy, how would your analysis of the situation be different? Which family theory did you find to be most helpful in your analysis? Finally, indicate whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s model is the more strength-based


Germany economy.

The due diligence analyses on the three countries chosen ( Germany/developed country, cuba/emerging country and Nigeria/ developing country.. )will continue the exploration of management decision making processes. For each of your countries, you will create a

1) roadmap for your entry strategy into the country with which type of ownership structure you would use, providing examples of why this would be the best choice.

2) You will discuss whether there are regulations with regards to trade in moving into this country.

3) Provide a SWOT analysis of the government and political issues you will be encountering during the entry process.

4) discuss all the legal and ethical challenges you foresee in moving into this arena.

A minimum of 1.5 pages per country is required and you will follow APA (6th edition) formatting , with title and reference pages, indented paragraphs and a minimum of four APA formatted references and associated in-text citations


Biotech’s business model

please split sections 1 and 2 up so 1 page for each

Learning Activity #1 – Theme 1

In the 20th Century, many organizations focused on goals, cost, and efficiency in production to keep business profitable. Today, for businesses to remain sustainable they must maintain a competitive advantage either by price, new product ventures, location, innovation in the marketplace, etc. In theme 1, we will begin to put together the process of bringing a new product line into Biotech’s business model to stimulate growth in a new product sector, cosmetics, while remaining true to the company’s current Mission “To develop products that are safe, effective, affordable and natural with the customer’s health always their primary goal.” This new Cosmetics Division of Biotech will be located in Asia and the company intends for it to be a leader in the use of sustainable products using the latest innovations for production and delivery to our global customers. Consider the information below:

Recently, Geraldine Barney Garrett, the granddaughter of Wilford Barney who held the reins of the R&D department for Biotech Health and Life Products in 1965, retired and Geraldine’s own granddaughter, Melanie Malone, took over the department. Melanie is qualified for the job. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a double major in Botany and Food Science. She minored in Business Management. She had worked in the plant in Chicago every summer since High School and had reproduced and revised all her grandmother’s and great-great grandmother’s recipes. Starting full-time at 22 years of age Melanie got along with everyone in the department but at 27 Geraldine thought she may be too young to assume the position, but Melanie has shown strong managerial and leadership qualities since stepping into the role. Melanie wants the company to be a leader in innovative ways to be a sustainable company using green technologies as well as friendly to the environment, animals, and human health.

Maximillian Barney, the President, CEO and Wilford Barney’s grandchild, decided the challenge of deciding on a location for the new Cosmetic Division as well as the search for a Division Director would fall on Melanie. Since Melanie is passionate about keeping business focused on all-natural products and developing ecofriendly packaging,


Professional Development & Credentialing.

Abstracts must be typed double-spaced with 1″ margins. No fonts larger than 12 point are to be used. Abstracts should be 1-1/2 to 2 pages in length. Neatness (spelling grammar, appearance) counts. Abstracts must be stapled. Do not use a cover sheet. Any variation from the above format will result in loss of points. Abstracts may be graded by for grammar and spelling.

Write an abstract of the attached article.

I will also attach an example of how I want it.

I. Bibliography Citation

A. Author, “Title of Article”, Title of Periodical, date, page number(s).

II. Body (in your own words)

A. State briefly the content and main points of the article. Presentation of the information in a logical, free flowing manner is imperative — a person should be able to read your abstract and understand the main points without having to read the article itself.


Impressionist art movement.

Painting occurs Discussion Forum, you will once again choose an artist from the reading to discuss and very briefly present a work of art by that artist as an example of their contribution to the history of art. You may choose a work of art discussed in the textbook but please make additional observations if you do.

In your two paragraph response (250 to 300 words), you will discuss the reason why this artist is important, and how they helped advance the evolution of art in the late 19th century.

Briefly identify the artist and the movement with which they are associated.
What influenced this artist? (For example, other artists, scientific advances, photography, Parisian culture, literature, nature, etc.)
Was their work controversial? If so, why?
Briefly identify the work of art and provide a few pertinent details about the piece.
Describe the style or technique of the piece as well as you can. Was it revolutionary in some way? Does it effect the meaning of the work?

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