America‘s food industry

Prompt: explain how and why humans make response choices when confronted with America‘s food industry and The effects or outcomes of those response choices.

Required: minimum 8 sources, MLA format, works cited page
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Moreover, preparing food can be time-consuming; therefore, people go for fast foods because of lacking time to execute a strategic meal plan. In this regard, one should have a well-prepared menu, skills, and resources to make a healthy meal. However, the NRC (105-106) illustrates that most Americans make quick food decisions based on convenience by opting for quick-service restaurants. The Americans’ diet reflects today’s changes in consumer behavior which companies in the food industry have well studied. Saksena et al. (2) use the concept of food away from home (FAFH) to describe the Americans’ response choices on consuming foods in restaurants among other retail stores when relaxed. Worth noting, people with a high-income capacity willingly pay for quick and full-service restaurants to get the FAFH, unlike low-income individuals. However, a countering argument reveals that as much time is a consideration,
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