Answring one Question

Answring one Question



Please choose ONE question from each group which will require you to provide a total of FOUR responses. Each answer must demonstrate that you understand the material and must include accurate names, dates, places, and events. Each response should contain 3-4 paragraphs or more with about 4-6 detailed sentences in each paragraph.


1. What major political, social, and cultural events took place in the 1920s and what role did technology play in the changes that happened?

2. What caused the Stock Market Crash, when did it happen, and how did life in America change as a result?

3. What was the Dust Bowl, what part of the United States suffered the most as a result and what was the Bonus Army and what happened to the people who joined it?

4. What was Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and what steps did he take to restore confidence in America’s banking system?

5. Explain the purpose of the TVA, the NRA, and the Social Security Act.

Requirements: Pedenting on Istrections


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The Dust Bowl is a terminology used to denote the prolonged drought that affected parts of the United States from 1930 until 1939 due to high temperatures, wind erosion, and poor agricultural practices (McLeman et al., 2014). Besides these contributory factors, federal policies on land and cultural factors also facilitated the emergence of the Dust Bowl. When the Civil War ended, a couple of federal land statutes were enacted to encourage individuals to move westwards and start farming (McLeman et al., 2014). Due to these laws, numerous new and inexperienced farmers moved westwards to start farming (McLeman et al., 2014). Their poor farming practices and changing weather patterns gave rise to this phenomenon, which lasted nine years.

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