Throughout Antigone, the Chorus steps in to comment upon the action of the play. Sometimes the Chorus provides background information, histories of particular characters, or even mythological parallels. In other cases, the Chorus interprets the events of the play and clarifies the “moral of the story,” so to speak.

Choose one quotation from the Chorus and write a post in which you discuss how this quotation relates to the events of the play.

Some points you may want to consider include:

  • Does it clarify the plot?
  • Does it give background information?
  • Does it help the reader understand the meaning of something?
  • Does it express a theme or concept that you feel is valuable?

As you compose your post, don’t forget to follow MLA style. For three lines or fewer, incorporate the quotation within the paragraph and use a slash (/) to show the line breaks. For longer quotations, use an indented “block” format. In both cases, give the appropriate page number(s) from the text.

The selected chorus quotation in Antigone is “Pray not again /No mortal can escape /the doom prepared from him” (Sophocles, 44, 30). 

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The quote helps one understand the meaning of the play. As people mourn the downfall of King Creon’s family contributed by his crude leadership, these lines show that when fate strikes, not even prayers can stop it.