Audience and Framing Journal Reflection

write Journal Reflection : Audience and Framing

first, read the prompt document ( I attached) and answer the two questions below:

Write one detailed paragraph in response to each of the following questions:
1. Why is a clear understanding of audience so important in constructing each

type of document assigned for Project 4 (cover letter/resume, statement

of purpose for grad school, and advocacy/complaint letters)?

2. In what specific ways will you apply your framing analysis skills as

you compose the documents for your Project 4 choice? Be as specific as

possible in answering this question.

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One is able to craft the appropriate content that will appear in the document through properly understanding the intended audience (Bennett, 2014). This is because the content of the document is situation specific and varies according to the recipient. Understanding the audience also determines the vocabulary one will use and the depth of expertise. The writing should not leave the recipient with any questions about the topic…

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