Basics of Research Methods

Basics of Research Methods

However, in scholarly research, the rules are more strict and we are required to follow protocols so the data is as accurate and it can be applied to our issue under investigation.

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For this weeks assignment, please indicate two types of reliability (e.g., test-retest) and one type of validity (e.g., concurrent) and provide a definition of each then an example of when and how it would be applied in a research scenario. You are encouraged to apply this topic to your current job or profession.

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I am a social worker at a elementary school in Mississippi

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Validity and reliability are two different concepts used by researchers to evaluate the quality and authenticity of research. Reliability helps researchers identify the consistency of a specifically used method when measuring an issue or something under research. Similar results should always be recorded when a specific method is applied to a selected sample without changing the conditions. Interrater is one of the main types of reliability that measures the consistency of a measure across different observers or raters. For interrater reliability to be achieved, the different observers or raters involved should record similar results after conducting

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