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The article “Consumer Reports Calls out Problems with Tesla’s ‘Self-Driving’ Mode” by Kimberlee Speakman raises a concern regarding Tesla’s new beta version. Based on the issue addressed by Consumer Reports, Tesla’s beta 9, recognized as the Full Self-Driving version, is a threat to public safety (Speakman, 2021). The article demonstrates that the objective of Tesla’s latest project is to advance driver assistance capabilities in autonomous vehicles. However, as a company known for quality autonomous vehicles, the newest innovation has been controversial, with questions about its safety on users and the public. Facts from the Consumer Report experts reveal that the cars are missing turns, driving towards packed vehicles, and chafing against bushes. The evidence derived from videos released on social media showed the unexpected outcomes of Tesla owners testing the invented features in their autonomous cars. The article informs that Tesla’s designed version was similar to vehicles driven by drunk drivers since they could not maintain their lanes. Still, the experts noted that although the self-driving mode made solid right-hand turns, the left-hand turns seemed problematic. As Speakman (2021) illustrates, the cars seem to have challenges detecting objects and classifications, and more worryingly, it is difficult to predict the cause of the problem.