Business Plan

Business Plan


Type: Individual Project. Unit 4: Business Plan Deliverable Length: 3,500–4,000 words


1) Will provide the business industry and name to write the business plan

2) Instructor wants financial charts and/or any other other charts that can support the numbers or scenarios included in this business plan

Key Assignment:

Write your business plan. Organization is important.

Outlines will vary based on the type of venture. A basic outline of the proposed business plan would include the following:

  • Cover Page
    • Name of the business
    • Address and phone number
    • Issue date of plan
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
    • Company information
    • Market opportunity
    • Financial data
  • Company
    • Background
    • Business form
    • Reason for the firm’s establishment
  • Environmental Analysis
    • Economic
    • Competitive
    • Legal
    • Political
    • Cultural
    • Technological
  • Products or Services
    • Different from those currently on the market
    • Other uses for the product
    • Drawings or photos, if appropriate
    • Patents or trademarks
    • Competitive advantage
    • Potential for growth
    • Manage the product or service through the product life cycle
    • Expand the product line or develop related products
  • Management Team
    • Technical skills
    • Business skills
    • Experience
    • Compensation
    • Training
    • Professional assistance
  • Time Line
    • Outline interrelationship and timing of major events planned for your venture
    • Timing of objectives should be realistic and attainable
  • Benefits to the Community
  • Exit Strategy (How and how long before you and your investors will exit the business and get back your investments?)
    • Who will succeed you in the business?
    • Will the business be sold?
  • Financial Plan
    • Sources and uses of capital (initial and projected)
    • 3-year projections of:
      • Cash flow statements
      • Balance sheets
      • Profit and loss statements
    • Breakeven analysis
    • Conclusions and important points:
      • Discussion of how much equity and how much debt are included
      • Highest amount of cash needed
      • Expected payback period for loans

Please submit your assignment.

APA Style + minimum of 8 references (you may use your references from your UNIT4DB outline)


Attached is the outline you’ve worked on and I added some items that were missing before and others “if applicable to add to business plan” they are highlighted in red”. It seems that this instructor wants a detail explanation about competitors, financial plan, what type of business form… you will see it. I am including an outline from another student he commented that he liked the detail of his outline, and he commented he wants to see some graphics, just like if it was a business plan.

please make sure there is a,:

– Business description, – Marketing plan, – Management plan, – Financial plan, – and – Appendices.

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Polaris International Realty is a US luxury real estate brand founded on April 23, 2021, after obtaining a real estate license in the country. The company headquarters are located in Naples, Florida, and it was founded, John Burlison.  Burlison is a former employee of Sotheby’s International Realty.   Polaris International Realty is a franchise focusing on buying, and selling, building real estate, business, and residential companies.  As of April 23, 20121, the company had two offices: one in Orland and the other in Naples in Florida. The company has less than 11 sales today, focusing on expanding its sale in the first year. Moreover, it engenders in expanding its operation in other cities within Florida and other states in the country.  In ten years, the company intends to have attained 28 percent of the real estate in the US real market industry. Also, the company has 67 employees, including marketing employees 20, 15, architectures and engineers, ten front office employees, five drivers, and the rest are back-office employees