Climate change

Climate change. The essay should include Climate Change, Definition, Causes, Scientific evidence, impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation

* Notes:- DON’T put introduction or conclusion

– Plagiarism is to be avoided.

– Pay attention to grammar.

– Use credible sources

You are encouraged to use the following sources:………


Sample Answer

Climate change has formed part of the global public discourse for a very long time, with people becoming increasingly concerned about its impact on the environment and their livelihoods (Jackson, 2021). Most people have trouble differentiating between climate change and global warming. Such a problem pushes them to incorrectly assume that the two are similar and thus end up using them interchangeably. Climate change and global warming are two entirely different concepts. Global warming refers to the long-term heating of the earth’s climatic system, largely instigated by human activities. In contrast, climate change encompasses a shift in weather patterns, ice sheets, and oceanic landscape, happening over extended periods (Jackson, 2021). When defining climate change, it is critical to look at crucial terms such as weather and climate. Generally, the term weather denotes the atmosphere’s existing state, which encompasses temperature, wind levels, humidity, and rainfall, observed over a shorter period such as hours, days, or weeks…

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