Communication skills

During the In-Residence you will be presenting a business plan for an innovative venture to a panel of investors. Your final project in this course will go into greater depth on the culture portion of a business such that you will design a plan to encourage an innovative organizational culture in either a new venture or an existing business.

In order to help prepare you for both of these activities, you may need some help in deciding what type of business you would like to start. Read the online Girard article to get your creative juices flowing. You may find the live links within the article useful as well. Try at least one of the suggested exercises.

In your initial post, evaluate the exercise you tried and what came from it. Also, include any initial ideas you have for your innovative venture. In your response to your peers, point out both similar experiences you might have with your peers as well as where you might be different in terms of the types of businesses you’d like to start. Finally, try to both encourage your peers as well as provide them with constructive feedback that will better one another’s initial ideas.

Requirements: 450 words

The business I would like to do a business plan on is opening a women’s clothing store, called “Deal’s on Heels”

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Furthermore, I assessed my strengths to identify how I would integrate my skills or talents in the business. I harbor my strengths in good communication skills, making observations, and serving people. In this exercise, I realized that to open a clothesline, I should interact with community members and the target market of people from 20 to 45 years to understand their needs. During the interaction process, I should make observations to understand the target group’s needs (Strydon et al., 2008). Based on the outcomes, I discovered that the best west to serve my clients would be addressing their fashion needs and encourage them to share insights

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