Consequences of substance abuse

Using the first public health issue that you discussed in W1 Assignment 3, select two individual health behavior theories and apply them to that issue. Identify at least two theories or frameworks that can be used to understand your public health issue. Examine the theories and apply them to the topic. In your paper:

  • Explain how each theory or framework applies to your topic.
  • Provide at least two literature based examples for each theory or framework.
  • Your paper must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length.
  • On a separate page, cite all sources according to APA format
  • Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document

Requirements: 4 pages   |   .doc file

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The susceptibility of the youths to drug abuse is another key aspect for learners to consider. Peer pressure, availability of drugs, and other factors make youths more susceptible to substance abuse.  The consequences of drug abuse/drug addiction are another important key factor to consider. Most of the youths are more likely to disregard the consequences of substance abuse (Shojaei et al., 2016).  They only presume that drug use makes them high and focused on their education, but that is not only the case. In a real sense, drug abuse results in problems like trouble at school, high risk of suicide, declining grades, school dropout, higher risks of assault, memory problems, legal problems, accidents, and increased drug addiction.  The last aspect that the HBM theory considers is self-efficacy. The theory evaluates how youths are feeling confident in their own ability to quit drug use behavior.

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