Cyber Ethics, Leveraging Social Media for Consumer Engagement, CLOUD SECURITY 

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read the 3 topics about (Cyber Ethics, Leveraging Social Media for Consumer Engagement, CLOUD SECURITY ) and write a short personal comment on each

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Cyberethics refers to the study of ethics that are related to computer. These computer ethics try to examine and evaluate moral, legal and social aspects that revolve around the computer technology. Cyberethics carry some dos and don’ts with. For students in school, they are supposed to use the computers to research on information that will help them in completing their assignments. However, the ethics ask them not to plagiarize any work rather they should read understand and write in their own words. According to Shinder (2005), Computer ethics underwent some phases during its evolution. The first phase had very large mainframe computers. The second phase had minicomputers that were interconnected. Internet and World Wide Web were some of the features of the third phase. Lastly, which is the present phase it enabled the coming up of social network sites such as Facebook(489words)

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