Demographic and psychographic

Prepare a three-page paper that explores visual semiotics used in media to analyze one of the following visual images. Write a three-page paper that investigates one of the three symbols/logos to explore the visual semiotics used to create a perception attached to the image. Use at least 1-2 scholarly sources to back up your assertions.

In your paper you should specifically address:

1)Identify what type of demographic and/or psychographic the chosen visual is targeting? What visual elements used in the image appeal to this particular identified demographic/psychographic?

2)Explain what perception the image aims to convey? What visual factors were likely considered to achieve this intended perception?

3)Explore how this visual image might differ in another culture?



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The fifth demographic factor is ethnicity, since technology is used everywhere in the world, the company targets people from all the ethnic group. The last demographic factor is the life cycle stage, the logo targets bachelors, and newlyweds. These are the majority of the population that uses the company’s products and can afford such products. The image is considered a sign of prestige and associated with high social status. The people at the life cycle stage do not have many responsibilities and have an increased appetite for fancy gadgets.

The first psychographic factor to consider is social class; the logo targets the middle and upper class since they can buy Apple products due to their financial status. Apple products are perceived to be a sign of prestige thus suitable for upper and middle-class people. The second psychographic factor is a lifestyle; Apple’s products are best suited for people with an urge to explore new things and places since they have many uses for them, such as help in direction and route guidelines. The third psychographic factor is desires; the logo targets those people who wish to be associated with the company’s good name and want to portray a fancy lifestyle to

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