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Discussion Board

The question for Lesson 2 is: by the end of book 4, Plato believes he has demonstrated that Thrasymachus is wrong about justice. What do you think? Has Socrates succeeded in refuting him? Why or why not?

To receive full credit for this assignment, you must:
1) write a post of 6-8 sentences answering this question for yourself, then
2) provide 4-6 sentences of thoughtful feedback on each of at least 3 posts by other people.




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           Thrasymachus is a historical figure who was a sophist. He is one of the characters in Platos’ work The Republic. When Socrates argues about justice, Thrasymachus intervenes and demands that Socrates seizes asking questions and provides answers. When asked what justice is, Thrasymachus defines it as whatever carries more weight for the ruling party (“The Republic, by Plato,” 2008). Therefore, he argues that justice is enforced by the powerful through power. He also argues that those of the weaker class are expected to obey. According to Thrasymachus, this is the definition of justice and that rulers make laws for their interests. On the other hand, Socrates argues that rulers can make mistakes and pass unjust laws to serve their selfish interests. However, Thrasymachus posits that the rulers are immune to errors.