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Please watch the movie “The River and The Wall” directed by Ben Masters and answer both prompts below. Each in one page.Please do not plagiarize.


What did you learn from watching The River and The Wall? Cite examples from the film to explain your answer.


Considering all the issued presented in The River and The Wall, and thinking about what you know about US/ Latin American relations, should the U.S. have a border wall? How do you think the immigration issue should be handled?

Requirements: 1 page each prompt…

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I do not think the U.S. needs a border wall. This is because the border has far more adverse effects than positive ones. Having a border wall would disorient economic activities in the region, destroy wildlife, rivers, and forests. The reasons stated for constructing a border wall include curbing illegal activities such as drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and poaching could be handled in a different manner. In this era of technology, there are excellent technological advancements that can be used to detect these illegal activities instead of having a physical wall. Moreover, more border patrol guards could be used.

On the issue of immigration, Trump’s administration has portrayed the greatest priority on immigration policy and has overseen the highest number of measures aiming to reduce

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