EDU 44033 School Cultural Competence Proposal

EDU 44033 School Cultural Competence Proposal

Create a proposal for your principal regarding the role your school plays in recognizing, celebrating, and incorporating culture into the learning environment.

Create 4-6 sentences in each area below of your “pitch” to the principal. You are welcome to search the internet, but your proposal must include the following six areas that are also presented in the Colorin Colorado article:

  1. Discovering Information about Community and Student Cultures
  2. Connecting with ELL Families
  3. Communicating Important Information
  4. Increasing Parent Participation
  5. Encouraging Parents as Leaders
  6. Forming Community Partnerships Colorin Colorado article: Engaging ELL Families: Tips for School Leaders (

Requirements: 4-6 sentences per each area.

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Based on research conducted about cultural competence in school, the lack of recognition of different cultures and celebrating and incorporating them in the learning environment are the reasons many schools are not culturally competent. The proposed plan focuses on addressing the identified issue at the school with the desired goal of enhancing teamwork and collaboration and improving cultural competence. Cultural competence involves knowing your own culture, other people’s culture, and its impact on learning. Utilizing student culture as a foundation for teaching, expressing high standards, and reorganizing curricula to represent student inclusion improves academic performance.

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