English Question

English Question

Improving Patient Care Outcomes Through Better Delegation-Communication Between Nurses and Assistive Personnel is the topic for my paper only needs an introduction, Body paragraph & and an conclusion but needs to be apa format. And reference page at the end.

Requirements: 1 page

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Nurses play a pivotal role in delivering high-quality and safe care to patients. Compared to other healthcare professionals, nurses interact with and spend the most time with patients (Wagner, 2018). Despite this, nurses cannot do it all and, thus, need some assistance to cater to patients’ health needs. Such assistance is often offered by assistive personnel (Wagner, 2018). Despite not being professional registered nurses, these are unlicensed individuals who work under direct supervision and are accountable to registered nurses when implementing specifically delegated patient care activities (Wagner, 2018). Effective communication is needed when nurses delegate specific patient care duties to assistive personnel, which will improve patient outcomes.

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