Ethical Dilemma in Gene Editing

Ethical Dilemma in Gene Editing

You need to have netflix in order to answer this question

Unnatural Selection is a limited series (4 episodes) on Netflix. Please watch the first episode of this series and consider the whether or not we should “allow” private individuals to alter the genome (germ line) of species.

You should write a one-page position paper where you discuss whether it is it ethical for individuals, medical scientists, university researchers, anyone for that matter, to do these things? In your answer, please consider what “ethical” means. Consider what unwanted outcomes might occur. Find one outside reference that supports your point of view and use it you your advantage in making your argument.

Your commentary should be 1 page double spaced, 1″ margins with a good title.

Please submit an MS Word *.docx file.

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Ethical Dilemma in Gene Editing

Recently, people are experiencing rapid changes in all spheres of life, including lifestyle, technology, and the field of medicine. One of the spectacular revolutions in the field of medicine is the introduction of the gene-editing. Despite that gene editing has been viewed as a significant achievement in the field of medicine,..

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