Ethics around the globe . 1520-01 module 4.

Ethics around the globe . 1520-01 module 4.

  1. Competency

    Utilize virtue and character-based ethical theories in case studies.


    For this assessment, you will get the chance to highlight your creative writing skills and your knowledge surrounding Aristotle. Be the Best You, is a career coaching and mentorship agency that works with employees to not only achieve their professional goals, but their personal goals as well. By using a virtue and character-based approach. As a coach for Be the Best You, you are part of the training committee that creates new training material for the clientele. The agency is seeking 3 new training sessions related to the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia. Part of these trainings include scenarios that the clientele read and then answer applicable questions. You will be creating three, fully developed scenarios for the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia.Your submission, in its final state will include 3 scenarios including 1 for the golden mean, 1 Aristotelian friendship, and 1 for eudemonia. For each scenario, include 3 questions, 9 in total.

    Each scenario must include:
    • A fully developed fictional scenario that clearly highlights which of the three (the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia) is being presented. Clearly define the characters and the actions that are representative of the selected topic.
    • Three, open-ended questions pertaining to the scenario that the clientele would answer in relation to the facts and the topic of the scenario.
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Organizations are consistently looking for ways to improve their performance. Since organizational performance is directly linked to employee performance, organizations are investing in training programs to enhance their employees’ productivity and performance levels (Elnaga & Imran, 2013). Employee training denotes activities geared toward imparting job-related skills and knowledge to employees (Elnaga & Imran, 2013). The skills and knowledge employees are exposed to during training sessions allow them to become more productive and perform well. This paper will use a virtue and character-based approach to develop three training sessions informed by the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and Eudemonia.

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