Familiarity with the content of this course

Humanities Question

This final exam is your opportunity to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your knowledge of and familiarity with the content of this course. You will be writing an essay answering the question below. Your essay should be rooted in scholarly and academic information. Be sure to use VERY SPECIFIC DETAILS and information to back up your claims. You MUST include
examples from the in-class activities / content and readings to support your ideas.
This is a formal essay exam. Your essay should include an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. You essay should be at least 4 (full pages) to 6 pages long. Be sure to proofread your work.
Question: What is the value of immersing in non-western culture?

ANY plagiarism will result in a zero on the final exam and I will report you to the Honor Code

Director. (Plagiarism can also include resubmitting any previously written work (Quizzes and Unit Reflections). In text citation is fine, for example: (pg, 265). Avoid quotations, rather
paraphrase the information and use a citation. Hint: the more you can put things in your own
words and include a citation, the more it demonstrates your understanding of the material.
Please NOTE: You MAY NOT resubmit any previously submitted work. Resubmitting work
(from any other assignments) falls under the category of plagiarism. Any plagiarism on the
assignment will earn a zero
As I grade I will be looking for:
 Clear, original, thoughtful organization and analysis
 Many SPECFIC / detailed examples from the course content that backs up your analysis
 Examples that demonstrate your wide-range of knowledge from the content covered
 Examples from in-class activities and readings
HINT: The way this exam is graded is the MORE details and specific examples you throw at me
– the better your score. I highly recommend you begin with braining storming, reviewing your
notes, and creating an outline (thus giving you a road map so to speak) before you start writing
your exam.
Formatting: 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one inch margins all for sides.
Due: Exams must be uploaded to Canvas by the end of the day Saturday, December 18


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Culture is an umbrella term that includes social behavior and norms found in a particular society and individuals’ beliefs, customs, laws, and habits in these groups. In the 21st century, cultural interactions have become a norm with people learning different cultural activities. In the non-western culture, family and religion are the most important things than riches. Given that the world’s population comprises non-Western societies, their cultural perspective brings conflict and instability around the globe. However, immersing in non-western culture brings more understanding between different ethnic groups.

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