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Please locate a real estate related current event, news article, or other related material. Additionally, you may also attend an open house, a broker’s open, or meet a real estate professional at a social event. For this assignment, please provide a brief paragraph detailing what the article or encounter meant to you.


Please include the following in the reply box below:

  1. For a news article or other media, please include the link or source. For an open house or social event, please provide the contact information of the real estate professional and office affiliation.
  2. Provide at least a single paragraph explaining why you chose this article and what it means to real estate today. What did you learn from the article?
  3. For an open house, briefly describe what was discussed in a paragraph or two and explain if you would follow their business style. Why or why not? What would you change?

Requirements: depending on the questions

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agents prep the area, take photos of the premises, post invitations online, delegate cleaning of the house, inspect it beforehand and show the potential customers around while highlighting the unique features of the house. She noted that the level of engagement from the customer often informs her of their seriousness in purchasing the house. She also noted that understanding the customer, for example, their family size, jobs, and hobbies was crucial in identifying their needs even before clients verbalized them. This information is what she uses in her sales pitches. I would implement her business style because it shows value, respect, and interest in the wellbeing of the client and not just in closing the deal. I think such a strategy would have long-term

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