Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing: You need to choose ONLY ONE journal on marketing and write 500 words on what the journal was about. For example: you are interested in creating product value, so you can choose a journal that is talking about it

• What are the key themes in the article?

• What is the purpose of the study?

• Who is the intended audience for the work and is there background information to the ‘problem’ or research question?

• Is there discussion of how significant the work is to an understanding of Marketing?

• How many sources were used to write the paper?

• Are all the references used relevant to the ‘problem’ or research question?

• Does the author\s critically analyse the references e.g. question their relevance or outcomes

• Is the empirical research study qualitative or quantitative? Why?

• What is the size of the sample? Why is this important?

• How was the research data collected?

• How are the results presented? Are the results significant? Are the results unexpected?

• Are the results easy to follow?

• Is there evidence of ‘new’ findings?

• Were the new findings related to theory and\or practice?

• What were the key limitations of the article?

these are the questions that your journal should be able to answer. you don’t have to answer them like questions and answer. but more like in a paragraph.

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The journal article under examination is presented by Yen Hsu (2016) which evaluates the impact of a value strategy on enhancing product performance. It is based on a particular industry, which is business enterprises which limits the results obtained. A more extensive exploration of the study would have improved the significance of the outcomes…


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