Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

One Argument Paragraph about ” Gluten Free Diets”

After reading the article attached below, you need to form an opinion on the following question, develop a logical argument, and support your argument with evidence from these required articles, your class slides & notes, your textbook, and additional sources.

Some people believe gluten free diets improve health while others say it is just a fad. Is a gluten free diet beneficial to overall health? In your answer, explain why someone would want to go gluten free and use explain your position using scientific evidence.


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Gluten is a substance that is found mainly in cereal grains such as wheat. Being that it comprises a mixture of two proteins, it can adversely affect people with coeliac disease. Some people believe that diets free from gluten improve health. It applies to those who suffer from the coeliac disease. However, the individuals who lack the disease will not benefit from gluten free diets…

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