1. What are the key decisions that have to be made at GGH and why?

2. What are the macro environmental and internal factors that Williams must take in to consideration and why?

3. Who do you think are her key stakeholders and which, if any, should she pay the most attention?

Requirements: Thoroughly answer the 3 questions (3 short paragraphs)


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The Guelph General Hospital runs the GGH Process Improvement Program (GGHPIP) to improve operational performance in the healthcare setting under the Senior Director in charge of inpatient services, Jennifer Williams. Despite its implementation, the management has been experiencing challenges, including poor performance reviews, patient dissatisfaction, and a decaying organizational culture (Cottrell et al., 2016). Therefore, critical decisions should include motivating the employees to deliver to the best of their abilities using performance appraisals. According to Burke and Noumair (2015), this would increase their job satisfaction attitudes and morale to continue the organization’s goal of process improvement. The management should also train the employees about organizational culture and change management to help them develop healthy working relationships and embrace the implemented measures to promote patient safety.

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