HEalth & Medical Question

HEalth & Medical Question

You will complete the Area of Interest Worksheet . Interest area:MENTAL HEALTH AS A BCBA (BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS).

1. Interest Area listed – 1 point
2. Definition, history (if applicable) (3 points)
3. Issue/Problem (3 points)
4. Effectiveness of subfield at addressing problem (3 points)
5. Application, 3 points
6. 3 sentences each, 2 points

this exercise is the same as the previous one that you did, it just changes the area of interest n this case is MENTAL HEALTH area as a BCBA. (Board Certificate Behavior Analysis) .
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Behavior analysis is increasingly being applied in the treatment of mental health issues. Most of the early research in ABA involved participants with developmental disabilities and others with mental health disorders (Harvey et al., 2009). Even though ABA for individuals dealing with developmental disabilities is expansive and vibrant, researchers are focusing on how behavior analytic assessment can be integrated into the treatment of persons diagnosed with mental health issues (Harvey et al., 2009).

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