Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration

Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a minimum of 250maximum 300 words PER QUESTION SINGLE spaced. Referenced with one (1) peer-reviewed journal articles or qualified text publish within the past five years and follow APA Manual 6th or 7th editions scholarly writing guidelines. When writing replies, please provide your experiences, new ideas, and new literature on the topic to enhance the learning opportunity.

You can also use other reading material that you deem appropriate for answering the questions

Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a minimum of 250maximum 300 words PER QUESTION SINGLE spaced. Referenced with one (1) peer-reviewed journal articles or qualified text publish within the past five years and follow APA Manual 6th or 7th editions scholarly writing guidelines. When writing replies, please provide your experiences, new ideas, and new literature on the topic to enhance the learning opportunity.


9.1 Social disparities in health

Focus now on determinants of health.  What are these?  Why are they so important?  How do they impact health?  Review the data we have examined and think about changes we can make in the community that can have an impact on health.  The vast majority of determinants of health exist outside the realm of medical care or public health.

  • Identify an initiative designed to positively impact determinants of health.
  • Do you think that public health programs should do more to educate people on how/what to eat? If so, what is the best venue for this type of education?
  • How was it mounted? By whom? Has it been successful? Why or why not? By what measure?
  • Cite evidence of what is taking place to address the issues.

9.2. Value Based Purchasing

Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) can be positive and negative depending upon the eyes of the viewer. While fortunate not to look for lower prices in healthcare, I did go by price one tie for dental work, which was a huge mistake. VBP, coupled with price transparency, can lead to patients looking for the lowest rate of care for conditions or surgeries they may need. However, in this situation, patients requiring the most economical price are being directed to the physicians or hospitals that are receiving sub-par performance payments (Herring, 2018).

  • How does Value Based Purchasing help or hurt the institution?
  • How many patients are searching for the lowest price points, without knowing the meaning of the publicly made cost points?

9.3. Special Considerations

You are the vice president of support services of Mega Health Medical Center.  The CEO will be briefing new board members, who have no prior experience in healthcare, on processes unique to that realm.  Briefly describe talking points in either cold chain management or biomedical waste management.  What added burdens does your chosen topic place in the institution?


9.4 Population Health

What are we talking about when we talk about Population Health?  Cite an example of a population health initiative.  Has it been successful?  Why or why not?

9.5 Quality Improvement A rose by any name…

Identify two approaches to quality in healthcare (e.g., LEAN, Six Sigma, TQM, The Checklist Manifesto) in healthcare.  How is the same or different than the application in other industries, e.g., manufacturing or commercial aviation?  How are the metrics the same or different?


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Healthcare is an essential and complex service because it seeks to alleviate the burden of illness and improve people’s quality of life. Even with the immense benefit that healthcare practitioners provide to people, the responsibility to make healthcare practice safer for patients does not fall on practitioners alone. On the contrary, the improvement of the quality of healthcare is a responsibility that is borne equally by health professionals and the hospital administration. This paper evaluates…


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