Healthcare Policy Agenda

Healthcare Policy Agenda


  • Problems, Solutions, and Political Circumstances will be discussed in detail.
  • Pros, Cons, Proponents, Opponents will be discussed in detail.
  • Supporting Data, Statistics, Interest Groups, Lobbying efforts, etc. will be easily identified and discussed in detail.
  • Please provide graphs and charts as necessary, but do not provide full pages of copied graphs and charts as the bulk of, and part of the required minimum page length.This is considered supporting documentation.You will be graded on substance (Analysis, Research, Supporting Qualitative Data, and Explanation).
  • The reader should not have to spend time trying to figure out what you’re talking about

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Major depression is a policy target in the US and other parts of the world. Different health organizations like WHO and CDC among others have been on the forefront in advocacy for policy recognition of depression as a health issue. However many depression issues remain unresolved. The prevalence of depression is high across all ages. According to McLaughlin (2011), depression is a public health problem like other chronic illness. This requires all levels of interventions. According to the CDC (2018, March 22) victims of depression often have suicidal feelings and thus need help. The WHO organization report (2018, March 22) indicates that

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