Key Concepts In E-Business

Help with 8 questions

1. In approximately 250 words, explain why in networked e-Business, the only constant is change.

2. In approximately 250 words, explain how the Big Five influence the development of networked e-business.

3. In approximately 250 words, illustrate the BOAT Wheel model using an organization with which you have familiarity.

4. In approximately 250 words, explain the relationship between e-Business organization structures, functions, and processes. Make sure you discuss operations and change management.

5. In approximately 250 words, explain how architectures are pivots between business-oriented design and technology-oriented design of e-Business scenarios.

6. In approximately 250 words, explain why it is important to choose points in time wisely when analyzing past and future developments.

7. In approximately 250 words, explain why business strategy provides the “umbrella” for a set of concrete business models.

8. In approximately 250 words, explain why a good e-Business analyst or designer must always consciously balance between separation and integration of aspects.

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Technology has changed all facets of human life radically, and the business sphere has been no exception. The infusion of technology into business has seen the emergence of various terms that denote the unique nature of business engagements within modern technological dimensions. One of the most common terms is networked e-business, which defines businesses that leverage modern communication networks to link different facets of their business (Aktymbayeva, Koshkimbayeva, Zhakupova, Alimgaziyeva, & Amir, 2018). The approach has become more popular considering the importance of communication in business sustenance. In this context, one of the most illuminating sentiments is that the only constant in networked e-business is change. The subsequent paragraphs discuss the significance of this statement in describing the state of affairs within networked e-business.