HRM-Neflix compensation project

HRM-Neflix compensation project

Write two pages for section 7 and section 8

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Section 7: Recognition of Individual Contributions (10 pts)
 Determine for each job what contribution policy you will use (seniority-based pay, merit-
based pay, incentive-based pay, or person-focused pay), explain why you will use that
policy for each job, and explain how pay might be adjusted based on that policy (Note:
more than one contribution policy can apply to each job. For example, someone who is
an engineer might receive merit-based increases to pay in conjunction with incentive-
based pay (bonuses)).
Section 8: Employee Benefits (10 pts)
 Describe what sort of benefits that you would provide all employees (both legally
required and discretionary benefits) and why you would offer this set of benefits.

Requirements: 2 pages

Hi for the question is all about Netflix and you can do whatever online reserch . Also this is the group presentation that I will present so section 7 and 8 is my part. jus reminder this is not essay. you don’t have to write like an essay.


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Having a contribution policy for various jobs is vital for Netflix. This is because such a policy will serve as the basis for determining the compensation accorded for employees within a particular job category. Netflix has numerous different jobs, and as such, each of them will require a different contribution policy, primarily due to the divergent nature of the duties, responsibilities, and tasks associated with various jobs at the company. For the engineers working at Netflix, the predominant contribution policy will be seniority-based pay. Under this, engineers will receive a base salary, which will be raised at regularly scheduled intervals. Retaining talented engineers is increasingly becoming difficult for the company, and as such, using this approach will reward engineers for their loyalty. With respect to the increments,

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