HRM practices

HRM practices

write a reflective summary (1000-1500 word)

Company name is “Sadafco”

Select a topic to pertaining HRM practices, explain and discuss the current practices effectively applied and it’s importance in the workplace. And come up with your views and areas to improve their future performance of an organization.

Selected company: “Sadafco”

1- Introduction

2- Content

3- conclusion

4- Recommendations and suggestions

No plagiarism, please check attached document for more clarification

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HRM practices refer to approaches taken to ensure employees work effectively. HRM aims to ensure that staff are motivated and can give their best in their respective departments. One HRM practice is hiring and recruitment. Through active recruitment of candidates, the department fills up positions that become vacant or newly created jobs in the company. Active recruitment of personnel ensures that there are continuity and excellent transfer of skills in the company. Ekwoaba, Ikeije & Ifuma (2015)…

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