Important Event in life that shaped

ImportantEvent in life that shaped who you are and directed you to become a physician.

describe an important event in your life, how that event shaped who you are, and how you anticipate that event will shape you as a physician

Those are the questions that need to be answer in a 3 pages long professional essay.

Requirements: 3 pages


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The phrase “medicine is a calling” has often been used to motivate people to love and commit to their medical duties. Indeed medicine is a calling because, unlike other professions requiring individuals to have knowledge and skills, medicine requires personal discipline; it requires health care professionals to find purpose and meaning in their duties and serve by helping people improve their lives (Kao & Jager, 2018). Another notable fact that depicts medicine as a calling is that medicine is a full-time service. Individuals in this field must be on complete stand by and respond to duty. It requires virtues of discipline, hard work, empathy,

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