Introduction to Historical Practice

Introduction to Historical Practice

My question is specifically about the reading I attached, absolutely nothing else!!!!!

Before you start, YOU MUST READ PAGES 484-493 OF THE ATTACHMENT I PROVIDED- ““Portrait and Counter-Portrait in Holbein’s ‘The Family of Sir Thomas More’” by David Smith

I attached Portrait and Counter-Portrait in Holbein’s by David Smith, i need ALL the following things from ONLY PAGES 484-493

1. Give a brief summary of the overall reading, only pages 484-493 (2 pages)

2. Give a summary of the basic argument that David Smith raises (1-2 pages)

3. Give the major points the argument raises (1-2 page,) Prioritize what’s important in the article!!

4. Give an opinion of the major points that are raised. Give both positive and negative criticism (1 page) THIS IS YOUR OWN OPINION- SAY WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS WRONG AND RIGHT ABOUT THE POINTS MADE AND THE READING AS A WHOLE


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The subject matter of David Smith’s articles is a portrait Hans Holbein came up with depicting the family of Sir Thomas More; The Family of Sir Thomas More. Smith’s primary focus is not only pointing out the incongruity within Holbein’s portrait and some of its copies done by Rowland Lockey, but also Sir Thomas More’s imprint and influence on the portrait. Holbein was able to expertly and clearly capture Sir Thomas More’s family life, as evidenced from the reaction of Desiderius Erasmus when he received the drawing of the family portrait from Sir More (Smith. 2005). Upon seeing the drawing, Erasmus was quick to point out its familiarity, considering he had spent considerable time around Sir Thomas More and his family, an aspect that pointed to his intimate knowledge of the household.