low incidence disabilities

low incidence disabilities

write 3 paragraphs about low-incidence disabilities.

  • The first paragraph should be a summary of what you learned from the various articles, websites, and videos.
  • The second paragraph should describe assistive technology (what is it?) and then discuss one thing you learned that might help you (or a family member) in your every day life. How would you implement the technology? What training do you (or the other person) need? How will it help?
  • The third paragraph should be about inclusion. Describe what inclusion is. Discuss your thoughts about inclusion. Include in your discussion how you would feel in your future role–are you prepared, what kinds of supports and training do you need, etc.?

Requirements: 300


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Low incidence disabilities entail disabilities that occur in low numbers and are less common within a population. Low incidence disability includes a visual or hearing impairment, deaf or hard to hear, deafblind individuals with cognitive impairments, and those with multiple disabilities (Boyle and Kennedy, 2019). Students with low incidence disabilities often require special education and intervention from a young age. Personnel with specialized skills and information are essential for children with any impairment to receive intervention at an early age.

Assistive technologies are items, equipment, or systems used to increase and improve the functional abilities of individuals with disabilities and consequently promote their wellbeing.

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