Managing and Balancing Governance

Discussion: Managing and Balancing Governance

Describe how leaders manage and balance the duties of corporate governance, compliance, and regulatory issues with the needs of their stakeholders, while also satisfying competitive demands of the marketplace. Use citations and references in APA style. See rubric attached

Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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Corporate governance, regulatory issues, and compliance are the mainstream in business decision-making to improve the financial performance, gain the competitive advantage and meet the stakeholders’ expectations (Del Carmen Briano-Turrent, & Poletti-Hughes, 2017). The leaders handle several duties like encouraging the company’s strategic guidance and promoting its long-term goals by effectively and monitoring all the company’s activities to make sure they are in line with employees, stakeholders, and shareholders. The leaders build a strong relationship with the stakeholders and employees to help manage, evaluate, and balance corporate governance duties, compliance, and regulatory issues, hence evaluating performance. Leaders report the company’s financial and accounting position, guiding the chief audit executives and board of directors on how to enhance and maintain a strong program of corporate governance.