Marketing Question

Marketing Question

When consumers make a purchase, they progress through a series of behaviors. The consumer decision making process describes those behaviors and the activities that take place at each stage. In order to increase sales, marketers are looking at the five stages and trying to find ways to influence the consumers as they progress through the CDM process. The internet is the most recent tool that marketers are using to influence consumers. Discuss the impact of the internet on the five stages. What happens differently, or how does the internet use these processes to sell more efficiently? Be sure to include consumer attitudes in your discussion.

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The 21st century has seen a significant dramatic change in technology. One of the significant advancements in technology in this century is the introduction of the internet which has impacted human life in every aspect. The introduction of the internet has influenced how people interact and communicate and consumer purchasing behavior. Blackwell, Miniard, & Engel (2006) illustrate that the internet has influenced how people shop their goods or review them. Today, a consumer is not forced to move from one store to another comparing goods and prices. In other words, it has made it easier for the customers to review and shop their goods over the online platforms. Understanding the consumer decision-making (CDM) process and how the internet impacts allow marketers to introduce the right marketing strategies. Therefore, this document focuses on discussing how the internet impacts the five stages of the CDM.

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