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Topic 1: Read the required reading. Review the Determinants of Health website and view the short video and content.

For this discussion you will identify and define determinants of health for an individual or family population at risk including social, environmental and global factors as applicable. How you approach the discussion is your choice. You may choose a condition or topic first then elaborate from there, while including the population characteristics and determinants of health. Alternatively you may choose to define a specific population, such a rural Appalachian single mothers, and then address risks and the determinants of health.

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Global aspects like access to health services impact people’s lives. However, for an individual like Mary, who lives in the streets, the lack of health insurance reveals that she may not participate in taking preventative measures to improve her health. In the incidence of disease, Mary may not receive prompt treatment, leading to unmet healthcare needs. According to (2020), high healthcare costs and delayed preventative care may prevent Mary from accessing health services. Overall, a strategic evaluation of the identified risks based on the social, environmental, and global factors would require social workers to identify appropriate interventions to implement.

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