Networking Question

Networking Question

This is simply an informational piece detailing what you should include in your reflection that is part of the survey.

Students to reflect on the knowledge obtained in their course(s) and determine the effectiveness of incorporating real-world experience into our academic curriculum. Please complete the survey/reflection to the best of your ability.

Students should;

  • Be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace or in their future employment.
  • Be able demonstrate the application of theory to workplace in written form.
  • Be able to identify the benefits of incorporating real-world experience into an academic program.

Word Requirement for the Reflection portion of the survey:

    • Courses for this semester:
      • Legal Reg, Compliance, Invest
      • Telecom Network Security

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The application of laws in networking is inevitable to the increased security threats on the internet. I have learned the importance of legal regulations while reinforcing compliance with the established laws to curb cybercrimes (Stewart et al., 2012). Professional probing scenarios of information security crimes should ensure that the investigations comply with the law. I have realized that this helps mitigate lawsuits on issues like authentication breaches filed by the affected individuals or organizations. The course has been impactful due to shedding light on issues regarding telecom network security; hence, the reflection discussion will unveil the grasped lessons.