Orange County Community Resource Guide

Orange County Community Resource Guide

Community Resource Exploration Activity

Community Resource Exploration Activity

Note: Answers must be factual and relating to the area in question.

An essential role of case managers is that of broker, linking clients to community resources to help meet important needs. It is important to determine what kind of resources are available in your local area to meet the needs of case management clients.

Below you will find several categories of areas that are typically needed with case management clients:

  • Food
  • Shelter/Housing
  • Utilities
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Mental Health / Counseling
  • Benefits/ Eligibility
  • Transportation
  • Crises
  • Veterans
  • Re-entry

You must select a category and after your research of least 5 local organizations in that category you must post a Community Resource Guide document.

For each organization you will include the following:

1) Name of agency

2Address of agency

3) Phone number of agency

4) Website (if available)

5) Brief description of services offered

6) Any limitations regarding eligibility (for example, clients must be a certain age, must be citizens or legal residents, etc.) or usage (for example, client can only receive help from the agency once per year).


Please make sure that the research is done for ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA

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This guide will help our clients find the organizations for medical care in Orange County, California. The organizations listed are for the informational purpose to illuminate and connect people to the right organizations. The information provided includes name, address, telephone number, website, and description of services offered…


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