Organizational Change

Organizational Change

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The Lawler and Worley text describes three primary types of change: strategic adjustments, strategic reorientation, and transformational change. Offer a specific example of a current company in the media experiencing one of the above types of change and offer your opinion as to whether you feel it will have a successful outcome and why. What are effective organizational change leadership characteristics and behaviors within an organization? Does this organization exhibit these characteristics?

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BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. (2012, April 13). Gary Bradt: Organizational change and leadership expert, keynote speaker. YouTube.

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The primary types of change in businesses include strategic adjustment, strategic reorientation, and transformational change. Strategic adjustment change helps organizations to modify their strategies to take advantage of sensed opportunities. Strategic reorientation refers to the modification of strategic plans to respond to competition in the market. Transformational change refers to the process of making changes in the existing organizational culture and business processes. These changes can help managers to increase profitability by adopting measures that guarantee the achievement of organizational goals.

Best Buy is an example of a company that has succeeded due to changes made to its business processes. It was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze, and its product line is consumer electronics. Its first name was the Sound of Music before it got a new name, Best Buy, in 1983. Richard and his colleagues opened multiple branches in Minnesota and the company


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