A performance appraisal is a regular review of employee job performance and contribution to organizational objectives. In many cases, performance appraisals are conducted at the end of the year to evaluate employee performance, as well as set performance for the next year. For this assignment, you will evaluate another function of HR and management and its contribution to effective performance management. Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the article Adapting the Performance Appraisal Process to Meet the Needs of the Modern Workplace (Links to an external site.).

In your paper,

  • Discuss how performance appraisals are a function of HR and management.
  • Analyze the basic components of an effective performance appraisal.
  • Explain the advantages of performance appraisals and how they contribute to effective training and development.
  • Explain potential forms of discrimination based on labor laws and regulations when conducting a performance appraisal.

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The Performance Appraisal paper

Requirements: 3 pages

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The human resource department plays a crucial role in designing and implementing performance appraisals. The performance appraisal process is one of the key functions of human resource management that helps managers identify if the employees meet the criteria for effective performance. And if not, it sets the actions to be taken and the potential for promotion and advances (Bayo-Moriones, Galdon-Sanchez, & Martinez-de-Morentin, 2020). An organization must perform performance appraisal yearly or quarterly on a regular basis to ensure that it keeps the organization on track by ensuring that the organization is aware of its progress in meeting its objectives. Not all performance management systems are perfect. Therefore, the management must improve and train its managers to prepare and execute the performance appraisal effectively.

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