Persons with Mental Illness

Persons with Mental Illness

The criminal justice system often becomes the first point of contact for treatment of persons with mental illness. As such, professionals in the system must have strategies and processes for interacting ethically and safely with members of this population and for promoting the welfare of individuals with mental illness and the safety interests of the community. There are many programs that provide frameworks for working with this population. The crisis intervention team (CTI) or “Memphis Model” is considered one of the gold standards. It was developed in partnership with the Memphis Police Department and University of Memphis and is now promoted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

To Prepare

Explore the resources about the CIT model in this week’s Learning Resources.

Consider the value of such programs in our current criminal justice system.

The Assignment (2 pages)

Your submission should include the following:

An explanation of specific areas in which programs like CIT can benefit law enforcement and the communities they serve

An explanation of potential risks to people with mental illness, community members, and criminal justice professionals that could exist without commitment to such programs

Requirements: 2 pages

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Studies show that people with mental illness are three times more likely to be arrested or encounter law enforcers than the average population (Magee et al., 2021). This group of people must be treated with utmost care and consideration for their situation. The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) was created to provide guidelines on how persons with mental disabilities are to be handled by the law enforcement officers and the community. The team is built upon strong partnerships among the families of those affected by mental illness, the police department, and the mental health provider agencies. The CIT Model, previously known as the Memphis Model, was first developed in Memphis and later adopted throughout the country. CIT has three core aspects that have helped achieve practical solutions to problems regarding the interaction between criminal justice and the mental healthcare system (NAMI, n. d). The three elements of CIT that make it effective in achieving its aim are

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