Psychology Question

Psychology Question

I need help with revising an assignment to get an A in my PSY 5109 course. I drop the file into the upload to be read and someone to revise the assignment, please. thanks

Please make all the adjustments carefully for me to pass this class.

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It is believed among many modern psychologists that personality has got five main dimensions, usually referred to as the Big Five personality traits. Described by the theory, these personality characters include extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. Personality trait theories have tried to pin down how many personality traits are precisely in existence. Initial ideas have proposed different numbers of personality traits, including the 4000 personality factors list of Gordon Allport, 16 personality traits of Raymond Cattell, and the three-factor theory of Hans Eysenck. However, several scholars felt many complications in Cattell’s approach and a minimal scope in Eysenck’s theory. Due to this, the five-factor idea was come up to describe the essential traits, which are personality’s building blocks (Raad, 2016).