Psychopathology discussion ii

Psychopathology discussion ii

After studying Module 1: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following:

  1. Describe how genes interact with environmental factors to affect behavior.
  2. What major neurotransmitters are associated with mood? How are they involved in abnormal behavior?
  3. What role do emotions play in psychopathology?

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Both biological and environmental factors can influence human behavior. Biological factors include genetic traits parents transfer to their children (Schiele & Domschke, 2018). To better understand this trait, identical twins born by parents whose one of them is a thief drive down to those children and inherit some of the criminal behaviors. That can be evident from their childhood behavior as they show small traits such as lying, aggressiveness, dishonesty, and destructive characteristics that are evident from their parents. That proves how our personality traits are shaped by genetic traits inherited from our parents.

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