Qualitative methods in nursing

There are three qualitative studies posted. Each has used a different qualitative approach.

Part I

Read each study and answer the following questions for Study 1, Study 2 and Study 3 for the Discussion Board post:

1. Provide the title of the study.

2. Identify the qualitative method used (Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, or Ethnography).

3. Describe the qualitative method used and reference with specific information from your required research book.

4. Was the study easy to read and understand? Why?

5. Reflect on how you felt reading the experiences of the participants.

Part II

1. How are the three qualitative research methods similar? Identify at least two ways they are similar.

2. How are the three qualitative research methods different? Identify at least two ways they differ.

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Study 1

The title of the study is Grieving mothers: design of thematic blogs about the loss of a child. The qualitative method is ethnography. This methodology is focused in to express the conceptual world of a group as it would be seen and shown from the inside. In this study, the process of data collection involved to insert and immerse the researcher into a virtual environment to express grief by use of thematic blogs (Frizzo, et al., 2017)…

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