Risk Management Question

Risk Management Question

I need help with my assignment for Organisational Resiliance.
To analyze and discuss the Organisational Resiliance practice of selected organization or company.

Detailed Structure are provided in the attached brief.

Words limit: 3250. 10+ required references required (no wiki, no slides from internet, etc.). The assignment should be original, the similarity rate should NOT excess 12%.

Requirements: 3250

The overall structure and requirements are very detailed in the brief, please make sure that we cover all the 5 points in the assignment tasks. You are free to choose one organization/company that you are familiar with,

just let me know after you choose it.

The chosen organization should not be too niche.


Here are the slides from the class, unfortunately, most contents are in German, but there are some bullet points in Englich, you can have a look.

The readings are in English. I think you can have a look of the slides, the theories are highlighted with bullet points in English. Ignore what is german writing


This is the recommended readings, it would be great if we can use some of them as references.In the zipped document


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The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the rapidly changing internal and external environments within which organizations operate. Organizations that were unprepared and thus failed to appropriately adjust to the changes instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic were forced to contend with numerous adverse consequences. In contrast, companies that were well-prepared and adjusted to the changes ended up being resilient, an aspect that helped them enhance their profitability. One such company is Amazon Inc., the main focus of this paper. The company’s resilience, specifically its ability to prepare and adjust to changes within its business environment, is revered across the company. This is one of the primary reasons Amazon Inc. has managed to remain successful over the years. According to Fahlbruch and Wiig (2019),

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