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According to Thomas Hobbes, all individuals are self-interested and competitive. Given this assessment of human nature, what does Hobbes think a state without government, or a state of nature, would be like? How can we get out of this state of nature according to Hobbes? Do you think that Hobbes is correct in his account of the origins of government?

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I think that Hobbes is correct in the way he describes the origin of the government. His sentiments that governments were an ideal solution to the need for survival of humans is reliable. People are willing to pay taxes for government revenue if they see the same government meeting other needs that are beyond their level, for example, transport facilities, health services, subsidies, and loans in education. From this analysis, people are indeed willing to give up part of their freedom, self-interest, power, and resources and subject themselves to governing if it improves their survival rates and makes their lives more comfortable. The pool of resources, unity, and collaboration in having a unified government is beneficial to individuals and a primary reason for the origin of government. In conclusion, Hobbes believes that a society without a government is likely to have individuals who will do anything to amass power to assure self-preservation and abundance. but knowledge on morals, ethics, good and evil regulates this nature. Having a government also removes this nature by promoting equality.

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