Social change activity

Review the social change activity, then present the seven steps of “Creating a Social Change Plan” using the Creating a Social Change Plan Worksheet (PDF), answer the following questions:

The social change you or your organization wants to see.

Describe the vision of the social change you will address, as if it already happened. When creating this vision, make sure it follows the items below:

Be understood among a collective so others can share in the vision.

Empower and engage people to want to take action.

Be well defined and articulated.

Be vivid, engaging, and expressive

Requirements: 2 pages

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People in every society are always guided by specific customs, regulations, rules, beliefs, values, and customs. All these dictate how people live in a certain way in their social, business, and professional activities. However, as the world continues to change, these beliefs and rules continue to change to accommodate better ways of doing things. This leads to social change, which can be fast or gradual. Social change can be either revolutionary or evolutionary. The evolutionary social changes mainly occur slowly and for an extended period, while the revolutionary social changes mostly happen fast and suddenly.

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