Write an essay identifying three challenges that you think social entrepreneurs face and how best to resolve them

Write an essay identifying three challenges that you think social entrepreneurs face and how best to resolve them. Please support your opinion with arguments, facts, and/or examples from the readings and case studies of your choice. Submit your paper (3-5 pages) using the Assignments tool in the Courses menu by the date indicated in the course schedule. Please use your own words and use a simple words. APA style for the references, use 4 references.

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Social entrepreneurship is a model of entrepreneurship that has gained traction in today’s world. It is basically about identifying the problems in the society and solving them through entrepreneurship. It focuses on creating products that either deal with the social problem at hand completely or commit to creating a lifetime process that improves the situation. Social entrepreneurship is done in non-profit organizations, whose main aim is making an impact in the society, and not making profits (Newey, 2018). Some examples of such ventures include women empowerment foundations, child rights organizations and waste products treatment, just to name but a few. These issues need a special attention…

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